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My doctor recommended I should see a psychologist for Pain Management. Why would I see a psychologist? This pain? not in my head and I? not crazy!


No it? unlikely to be ?n your head - the pain is most likely very real. However there are many psychological techniques which have been shown to assist people in coping with chronic pain.


CBT Pain Management can assist people suffering from back pain, sciatica, headaches, neck pain, or in fact any sort of bodily pain. While the exact nature of the pain management program may vary slightly depending on the nature and location of the pain, most of the techniques are applicable to any chronic pain condition.





What is CBT?





Will it get rid of my pain?


It is very unlikely that CBT Pain Management will eliminate your pain. While some people do experience a reduction in their experience of pain as a result of learning pain management techniques, this is not the goal of psychological pain therapy. However as a chronic pain sufferer learns techniques to cope with the pain the pain causes them less distress and has less impact on their lifestyle.



How could CBT Pain Management help me?


People experience a range of positive outcomes from pain management therapy including: improved sleep, increased pain tolerance and activity levels, reduced irritability, anxiety or depression, improved relationships, increased social activity, and so on Many people report that it has assisted them to keep working in their job or return to work if they have had to leave due to the pain.



What does Pain Management involve?


Pain management is conducted in either individual therapy sessions or a group therapy format. In our practice therapy is usually in an individual format, although we are planning to run some group sessions in the future in order to provide a low cost treatment option.


Sessions are usually on a weekly basis and involve training in a variety of skills such as: muscle and breathing relaxation techniques, activity pacing techniques, pain tolerance (?xposure? training, sleep management strategies, techniques to challenge negative pain-related thinking, strategies to address anxiety and depressed mood, techniques to divert attention from the pain, problem solving, etc.


Participants receive home-based assignments to practice pain coping skills during the week and report back about their effectiveness at the next session.



You don? know how much pain I? in. I could never learn to be happy and relaxed without first stopping this pain?


It is true that you are the only one who knows how much pain you are in. X-rays and MRI scans don? show up pain, they only reveal damage. It is only the pain sufferer who can truly know what their pain is like. However it is also true that there are many people who have made comments like the one above who have subsequently gone on to cope better with their pain and experience a great increase in relaxation and happiness.



How much does it cost?


This will depend upon who you see. If you have a Workers Compensation or CTP Claim in connection with your condition the insurer will often cover treatment costs. In our practice we bill insurers directly so that clients have no out of pocket expenses in these cases.


For details of general fees for our practice click here.



Where are the clinics and how do I make an appointment?


Click here for appointment booking ?information.


To make an appointment for any of our Sydney practice locations please call our office on: (02) 9621 7775


If you live outside of Sydney you may wish to contact the Find a Psychologist site ( ) to find your nearest Clinical Psychologist with expertise in both Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Pain Management. They have a nationwide referral database.


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